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Warm-up – seated in center of chair, sitting tall #10 each
1) marches
2) Thoracic rotation
3) Abdominal “hops”
4) Straight leg raise
5) Abdominal flutter kicks
6) Get ups (chair squats) – stay up on last repetition
7) Hi knee March with opposite arm – slow it down
8) Butt kickers with row arms
9) Walk on toes, walk on heels
10) Side shuffle
11) Over the gate
12) Grapevine

Workout – #8 – 10 repetitions each
1) right leg extension, leg curl, side raise
2) Calf raise both feet
3) Left leg extension, leg curl, side raise
4) Ball toe tap
5) Bounce ball for three, toss in air for three
6) Hi knees, ball figure 8
7) Band pull apart or row
8) Band chest press or wall push ups
9) Band biceps curl
10) Band triceps extension
11) Ladder – out and up / in, in
12) Ladder – regular steps alternating feet each “rung”
Cool down/Stretch
1) Chest stretch – clasp hands behind back
2) Shoulder stretch – arm cross body
3) Neck stretch – lead in fingers
4) Back stretch – hold on and pull back, or hang
5) Quad stretch
6) Standing cat/cow
7) Seated hamstring
8) Seated Glutes

NOTE: These exercises can be regressed (made easier)
by doing them seated or holding on to a sturdy surface.
To progress, or make harder, an exercise try turning your
head, or standing in a split stance or on one leg where

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