When my trainer of several years retired from the Mission Valley YMCA, I picked Karen to replace him. That was mostly because my wife liked her well. From the beginning, I enjoyed the variety Karen introduced to what had been a nearly unvaried routine. Then I needed a bone marrow transplant to treat multiple myeloma. The medical team forbade the gym–along with movies, plays, concerts, and ballgames–because I lost my life-earned immunities with the malignant marrow. But I convinced them I could set up a clean workout space on a covered deck, using mostly dumbbells and resistance bands. Karen agreed to design and lead at-home workouts. That was more than a year ago. We have added the gymnasium of the neighborhood: fast walking with stops for push-ups and dips on low walls, resistance bands on street signs, and step-ups on anything challenging enough. I am 72 years old, and I can hike 6+ miles with 2,000+ verts and do it again the next day.

-Charlie, 72

When I first began training with her 5 years ago, she assessed my fitness level and designed a program especially for me. She evaluated my strength and balance capabilities and what I hoped to achieve through training.  Like many older adults (I’m 73), I wanted cardio, strength and balance to make sure I’m strong and fit as I age.  Since working with her, first weekly, and now twice a week for several years, my strength has increased,  and my body is more toned.  Also, if I get tripped up on the sidewalk, all that balance training and core work definitely shows – I am able to recover without falling.  I have a bad knee, but Karen is always mindful that the exercises she offers don’t further injure the knee.  She provides lots of positive support and encouragement, and she’s fun too! 

-Chris 73

Karen Barry has been my work out mentor for a number of years. I have always found her to be innovative with the workouts but also aware of the limitations of a 77 year old. She not only knows what the is doing but cares for her clients. I cannot speak highly enough of her abilities. 

-Edward, 77